Virtual Visit

While waiting to receive you in Maroc Telecom our museum, we invite you to virtually explore the different areas of the Museum through a magnificent 360 ° view.


Maroc Telecom museum has a rich collectionof items and old equipment that represent the technological and institutional developments of telecommunications in general and Morocco in particular.

The museum is distinguished by the presentation of the elements of its collection according to a didactic purpose. It was designed to be a real informal learning site.

Most items and equipment exposed work, even the oldest. Visitors can test them with the help of experts from the museum and manipulate the majority of the items. Or watch audio-video guides for a virtual tour of the museum.

The collection of the museum is organized according to the following themes:

- Precursors: dedicated to the old means of communication like the beacon fire, the optical and the electrical telegraph.

- Telephone invention: the museum has a replica of the first telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. In this section we can find also documentation about the first telephone line installed in Morocco in 1883 (7 year after the official invention of the telephone).

- Switchboard Technologies: in this space we have original equipment of the different telephone exchange technologies that were used in the Moroccan network like: manual Switchboard, electromechanical Switchboard (R6, Rotary and Crossbar) and digital Switchboard system.

- Terrestrial and submarine transmission systems: different generations of telegraph and telephone cables are exhibited with a rich collection of old tools and test equipment and measuring devices.
- Public telephony: it presents a collection of old payphones, terminals of the first generation of analog mobile phones (Nordic Mobile Telephone), mobile telephone GSM (General system for Mobile) and satellite phones.

- Telex and Internet: different old appliances equipment for these two services are exhibited, especially those which were used in Morocco: the telex was introduced in Morocco in the early 1960s, the Internet in 1995.

- Institutional space: in this section we have a textual documentation of the institutional development of telecommunications in Morocco since the first institution of the State Post (Post Makhzen) in 1892 until today. This space is partly devoted to Radiobroadcasting service which was introduced in Morocco in 1928.

- The future: the museum exhibition path ends in an audiovisual presentation about telecommunications services in the future.

Maroc Telecom Museum is an institutional member of the following organizations:

International Council of Museums (ICOM) www.icom.museum

International Commitee of Museums of Science and Technology (CIMUSET) www.cimuset.org

International Council of African Museums: www.africom.museum